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Where American ingenuity meets Asian expertise:

We take pride in our exceptional supply chain, meticulously crafted across Asia. Our commitment to quality knows no bounds.
By partnering with us, you align with a company that values craftsmanship, integrity, and customer satisfaction above all else.

  • High Commission Rates:

    We offer some of the industry’s highest commission rates, ensuring you’re fairly rewarded for your exceptional content and promotions.

  • Direct cash Rewards:

    Choose from convenient payment methods like Venmo and PayPal, ensuring you receive your rewards seamlessly because we understand the value of your hardwork.

  • Highest Quality Products:

    When you collaborate with Amerimoon, you’re endorsing products that you can trust. Authenticity, durability and style are guaranteed.

  • Diverse Range Of Samples:

    With a diverse range of samples at your fingertips, your audience will appreciate your authentic enthusiasm, making your content more engaging and relatable.

  • Our program is designed with your success in mind. As your follower count grows, so do your rewards.

    From competitive commission rates to generous cash bonuses, we offer a tiered reward structure that recognizes your dedication and creativity.


5K-10K 10% Additional Commission Rate + 20% FIRST 5 ORDERS GMV
10K-30K 12% Additional Commission Rate + 25% FIRST 5 ORDERS GMV
30K-50K 15% Additional Commission Rate + 25% FIRST 5 ORDERS GMV
50K-100K 18% Additional Commission Rate + 30% FIRST 5 ORDERS GMV
100K-200K 10% Additional Commission Rate + 30% FIRST 5 ORDERS GMV
200K-350K 10% Additional Commission Rate + 30% FIRST 5 ORDERS GMV + $50 CASH/VENMO/PP
350K-500K 10% Additional Commission Rate + 35% FIRST 5 ORDERS GMV + $80 CASH/VENMO/PP
500K-650K 10% Additional Commission Rate + 40% FIRST 10 ORDERS GMV + $100 CASH/VENMO/PP
650K-1M 10% Additional Commission Rate + 50% FIRST 15 ORDERS GMV + $150 CASH/VENMO/PP
1M+ 10% Additional Commission Rate + 75% FIRST 20 ORDERS GMV + $200 CASH/VENMO/PP
  • Tax Made Simple:

    Amerimoon understands the challenges content creators face when managing substantial earnings. That’s why we provide tailored tax exemption solutions, ensuring you legally maximize your income. Let us handle the complexities, allowing you to focus on your creativity without tax-related worries.

  • Your Questions, Our Expert Answers:

    Curious about tax reporting, deductions, or exemptions? Our experienced tax consultants are here to provide expert guidance. No question is too small – we’re dedicated to helping you make informed financial decisions while complying with tax regulations.

  • Legal and Financial Peace of Mind:

    Amerimoon offers free legal consultations, ensuring you have access to legal advice without financial burden. Plus, when it’s time to report your income tax, our expert CPAs are ready to assist you. Stay compliant, maximize your profits, and focus on achieving your creative dreams.

Long-Term Partnership

Amerimoon isn’t just looking for short-term collaborations, we’re building enduring partnerships. In our collaborations, yopur growth is our growth. We firmly believe in a mutual relationship whre both parties thrive.

Amerimoon’s promotional efforts combined with your creative brilliance pave the way for shared success. As you achieve milestones, we celebrate those victories together.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our cornerstone. Amerimoon boasts exceptional sourcing expertise, meticulously selecting products from trusted suppliers worldwide. Through our stringent selection process, we ensure that every item in our inventory meets the highest quality benchmarks before reaching our customers and collaborators.

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Livestreaming Support

Elevate your livestreams with Amerimoon's dedicated support! We invest in paid advertisements during your streams, ensuring your content reaches a broader audience. Our qualified livestreamers enjoy boosted visibility, translating into increased followers and engagement.

To qualify, livestreamers need to meet specific criteria. Once approved, Amerimoon collaborates with you to create impactful ads that resonate with your audience. This support not only enhances your livestream experience but also opens doors to diverse monetization opportunities, including brand partnerships and exclusive promotions.

Your authenticity combined with our support ensures a captivating viewer experience. Let's create engaging, authentic, and revenue-generating livestreams together. Get ready to captivate your audience like never before!

Your exceptional content deserves to be seen by the world. At Amerimoon, we invest in your success by running targeted paid advertising campaigns for outstanding videos. Imagine your content reaching not just thousands, but millions of viewers, giving your creativity the spotlight it deserves.

This exposure not only boosts your follower count but also establishes you as a respected influencer in your niche!

Long-Term Partnership

Amerimoon isn’t just looking for short-term collaborations, we’re building enduring partnerships. In our collaborations, yopur growth is our growth. We firmly believe in a mutual relationship whre both parties thrive.

Amerimoon’s promotional efforts combined with your creative brilliance pave the way for shared success. As you achieve milestones, we celebrate those victories together.


Expert Guidance and Technical Support:

Unlock Your Creative Potential with AmeriMoon Academy! Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of content creation or a livestreaming enthusiast looking to enhance your skills, we provide expert guidance and technical support. Our experienced team is here to mentor you, offering personalized advice and empowering you to create content that captivates audiences.


Comprehensive Equipment and Skill Training:

Equip Yourself for Success. We invest in your journey from day one. Enjoy top-of-the-line equipment, in-depth skill training, and expert mentorship – all with zero investment from your end. We cover the costs so you can focus on what you do best: creating outstanding content and engaging livestreams.


Zero Investment, Maximum Support:

Your Success, Our Investment. At AmeriMoon Academy, we believe in your potential. That's why we handle all the investments. From providing equipment for livestreaming to offering sample products and advertising support, we invest in your success. Let your creativity soar while we take care of the resources.

  • Sneak Peek into Future Collections:

    Get an exclusive glimpse into Amerimoon's upcoming product collections. As our Collaborator, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase these products before they hit the market, creating excitement and anticipation among your audience.

  • Interactive Product Demos:

    Collaborators can participate in interactive product demonstrations, allowing you to showcase the features and benefits of new products in real-time. Engage your audience with live demonstrations, answering their questions and building genuine excitement around the products.

  • First Access to Limited Editions:

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

  • Enhanced Creativity:

    Access to exclusive previews sparks creativity, enabling you to brainstorm innovative content ideas tailored around these new products. Amerimoon believes in nurturing your creativity by providing you with the tools to craft compelling and trend-setting content.

Robust Supply Chain

Our supply chain:
Where Quality Meets Innovation. Amerimoon establishes direct partnerships with hundreds of Chinese factories, ensuring a seamless production process for high-quality products. What sets us apart? Our marketing research team harnesses big data, guiding our product development strategy. We adapt swiftly, customize diligently, and innovate continuously, empowering our creators with top-tier options and unmatched quality assurance.

In the Heart of Innovation. Our marketing research team keeps pace with market trends, utilizing big data to anticipate demands and create cutting-edge products. By fusing data-driven insights with hands-on collaboration, we ensure that every product chosen by our creators is a testament to quality and innovation. Join us in shaping the future of creative excellence.

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Collaboration Process

Application and Evaluation:

Joining Amerimoon’s creative community is as simple as expressing your passion. Submit your application, and our team carefully evaluates your creativity, engagement, and alignment with our values. We believe in fair and transparent evaluations.

Creative Freedom:

Embrace your unique style! While we provide brand guidelines for consistency, we celebrate your creative freedom. Your individuality is your strength, and we encourage you to express it authentically. At Amerimoon, diversity is our treasure.

Personalized Onboarding:

Once selected, you’ll experience personalized onboarding like no other. Our team guides you through product selection, creative direction, and tailored marketing strategies. Your success is our priority, and we’re dedicated to helping you shine

Ongoing Support and Feedback:

Our support doesn’t end with onboarding. We offer ongoing guidance, regular feedback sessions, and valuable marketing insights. Your journey with Amerimoon is a collaborative one, where we grow together. Your success fuels our passion, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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