CEO Letter

Zhen Liu

Greetings, I'm Zhen, the CEO of Amerimoon. Originating from the warm and welcoming city of Kansas City, Missouri, I was shaped by the beauty and hospitality of the Midwest. Known for our outstanding football and baseball teams. I would like to thank you for choosing Amerimoon and I have a special message to all of you.

A Letter From The CEO

It is with immense joy and pride that I welcome you to the heart and soul of our beauty universe – Amerimoon. As the CEO, I find great pleasure in sharing the journey that brought us here, defining our essence and what makes Amerimoon more than just a brand.

At Amerimoon, we believe in the power of beauty to transcend borders and unite cultures. Our story begins with a commitment to curate the finest beauty and cosmetic products, sourced through a strong supply chain rooted in the rich traditions of Asia. Each product is not just a creation; it is a testament to the artisans and innovators who have shaped our narrative.

Our Creator Program is more than an opportunity

it's an invitation to join us on this voyage of creativity and collaboration. Affiliating with Amerimoon goes beyond earning profits; it’s about becoming part of a family that values your creativity. Imagine featuring our high-quality, high-demand products in your content, sharing your authentic experiences, and growing your fanbase.

Why collaborate with Amerimoon?

Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

As we step into the future. Amerimoon is not just a brand, it's a mentor

The Amerimoon Content Creator Academy is our way of giving back to the creators who make our journey worthwhile. From strategic guidance to hands-on support, our academy is designed to nurture top-notch creators and help them achieve their goals.

What sets us apart is not just the quality of our products or the generosity of our programs; it's the belief that everyone has the potential to shine. Our walkthroughs on opening a TikTok shop without capital, coupled with access to a diverse range of products and creator equipment, ensure that barriers to creativity are dismantled.

To our current and future Amerimoon family members, collaborators, and creators, I extend a warm invitation to explore our website. Sign up, and let’s embark on this journey together. Amerimoon is more than a destination; it’s a celebration of beauty, creativity, and community.

Welcome to Amerimoon, where your beauty and creativity find a home.


Zhen Liu
CEO, Amerimoon